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Learn how to protect for tooth enamel.

Tooth enamel provides the shine, or "sparkle" to a smile; yet most importantly, protects your teeth.

Although enamel is the hardest substance in the body, the high degree of mineralization (97%) makes it susceptible to erosion (wear and tear), and of course, demineralization (caries or cavities). In short, protecting tooth enamel--avoiding invasive dentistry--is Dr Don Bell's top priority for his patients. In fact, the entire staff of 5 star Dentistry works hard to resolve causes of dental problems instead of merely repeatedly treating resultant symptoms. Part of this goal is accomplished by providing personalized counsel about dietary concerns, stress management, and alternatives for overly-aggressive tooth-brushing (among others). Topical fluoride treatments and custom-made mouth guards are a couple of additional resolutions Dr. Bell can address if desired.


Bonding is a popular way Dr. Bell can effect a dramatic smile improvement--without sacrificing any healthy tooth enamel! First the teeth are thoroughly cleaned; then Dr. Bell makes a careful assessment of tooth color so the most natural-looking match is obtained. An acid-etch prepares the tooth surfaces for the thin layer of resin paste which corrects the cosmetic defect. In some cases, a series of layers is required to, "get it right"--provide the desired color depth and tooth strength. Dr. Bell light-cures; polishes the finish; then witnesses the first radiant, enhanced smile from his delighted patient.

Regain your confidence with customized veneers.

Radiant, white teeth are the latest status symbol. Veneers can literally reverse time; repairing many cosmetic dental problems by camouflaging discolored teeth, lengthening the appearance of teeth, mending chips and even covering gaps between teeth.

The proper configuration of custom-made veneers requires superior talent, technical skill and artistic virtuosity. Consider for example the exacting demands of utilizing the finest porcelain available (a big difference from plastic or pre-formed); cut to minute and irregular shapes and fitted to curved surfaces, then bonded to moving parts that must absorb and reflect light while radiating particular colors in order to achieve the most desirable effect of complex iridescence. For added strength and durability, Dr. Bell always specifies that his, "5 Star" veneers be constructed to completely cover the biting (incisal) edge of the tooth. He also meticulously polishes the edge that fits beneath the gum line (gingival margin); assuring perfect comfort with no irritation.


These extra touches of time and care from Dr. Bell pay off in a big way for the patient's life for many years.

Protect your teeth with crowns.

We'll examine your teeth and help you determine which type of crown would work best for you.

After Dr. Bell removes the decay, a crown protects whatever remains of a damaged tooth--thereby binding together a total new structure, resulting in the addition of greater strength to a bite. Basically, there are 3 types of crowns: Metal crowns of gold or alloys are the most durable, yet as a downside, have the look of metal. Because they are very strong, porcelain-fused-to-metal (PFM) crowns are especially suited for single-tooth restorations. Nevertheless, because metal blocks light, PFM's don't look as natural as ceramic or porcelain crowns. Additionally, over time as the gum recedes, gray metal begins to "shadow" and become evident at the gum line. Full ceramic and porcelain crowns look terrific and fit well around the gums and therefore are the best choice when appearance is the predominant factor.


Ideally, and whenever appropriate Dr. Bell prefers the full-ceramic crown: a base of industrial-strength ceramic fused to a reinforced porcelain veneer. The benefits are superior fit around the gum line, compatibility with gums (no irritation), and of course cosmetic superiority. A well-built, beautiful crown restores better dental function (eating/talking/smiling), and adds a youthful fullness to the face.


Whatever Dr. Bell and his patient choose, the tooth must be carefully prepared with opposing teeth considered so the bite remains stable (occlusal stability). Adjacent teeth must be accommodated; and the part of the crown nearest the gum (gingival margin) should fit perfectly smoothly to protect the integrity of the gums.


Most patients aren't aware of the talent, skill and experience required to successfully fabricate a fully-functioning and (when desired) a natural-appearing crown. That is okay with Dr. Bell. He wants his patients to enjoy greatly improved living (eating/talking/smiling) and he is not satisfied until the patient is happy for a very long time.

Enjoy a younger, more fully functioning smile with dentures.

When it comes to dentures, Dr. Bell strives for his patients to enjoy full function, but especially a naturally-appearing smile. How are "5 Star" dentures better?

Color is integral to the vitality of the smiles associated with Dr. Bell's dental practice. Natural teeth and superb, high-quality denture teeth reflect light in much the same way. Natural tooth enamel is clear white with a blue hue. However the ivory-dentin within causes the tooth to appear 2% milky-white near the gums, then gradually blending to a skim-milk shade of white with translucence at the edge. Cheaply made dentures are monochromatic, (single-color) white--stark and unattractive.


The two front teeth should be slightly longer than the lateral incisors. Furthermore, natural smiles curve towards the back of the mouth. By contrast, cheap dentures are uniform and in perfect alignment--with no individual characteristics at all. As we age, the corners of the mouth turn down. An expert Cosmetic Dentist has the expertise to subtly build the sides of the teeth outward so the lips are more fully supported through true smile design.


Although others find the fit of dentures a daunting challenge, Dr. Bell takes the time and care to individualize a different-type of denture, one that achieves a more comfortable fit. He and the staff at 5 Star Dentistry carefully coach patients throughout the process of successful denture use with personalized patient education, so each patient knows exactly what to expect at every stage of fabrication. The ultimate goal is a fully functional smile--and a younger one, too.

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