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At 5 Star Dentistry in The McCollough Institute For Appearance And Health, we work efficiently to provide the highest quality dental care at legitimate prices.

Dr. Bell's fees are reasonable and represent the honest appraisal of costs associated with the complexity of the dental problem, as well as his professional time and utilization of services. If financially advantageous, certain dental work may be completed by extending the appointments over time. Of course, urgent concerns must be addressed and resolved first.


Dr. Bell carefully explains all treatment options and associated expenses before any treatment begins. Often there are multiple ways to address a dental challenge--each with varying costs. Presenting alternatives enables our patients to enjoy considerable savings.


Fees are due when services are delivered. We supply documentation required for patients to receive their maximum reimbursement from dental insurers. We facilitate access to third-party financing; and we accept cash, personal checks and major credit cards.


Dental fees quoted are valid for 3 months, and are subject to change after this time period.


Non-patients of record seeking emergent care will be seen at Dr. Bell's discretion.


Emergency services require cash or major credit card payment in advance of treatment.

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We ask that insurance payments be made directly to the patient/beneficiary. We work closely with patients to obtain the greatest financial benefit possible from dental insurers, while making any remaining balance affordable.


Dental insurers provide an abundance of patients to their preferred providers in return for acceptance of deeply discounted fee schedules. Therefore, such dentists must work quickly with lower-cost materials to deliver a basic level of routine care to as many patients as possible. Dental insurers profit themselves by enforcing draconian discounts on behalf of beneficiaries who pay a fee for access to preferred providers required to economize professional time, supplies, lab fees, continuing education, staff salaries/training etc.Therefore, one should not expect for an expert cosmetic dentist to adhere to any insurance company's fee schedule.


Furthermore, many dental insurers are notoriously slow to honor legitimate claims. Their time-and-labor consuming demands for ever-increasing professional documentation require a staff member responsible for dealing with the myriad dental insurance companies, thereby creating an additional, counterproductive and extremely expensive level of bureaucracy.


Dr. Bell believes it is not possible for him to provide comprehensive dental care commiserate with his training, credentials and expertise by short-changing the very patients he has sworn to serve. 5 Star Dentistry is not equipped to attempt fast, cut-rate solutions to complex dental problems, as such only worsens the original complaint while causing the patient additional (and unnecessary) expense and discomfort.


At 5 Star Dentistry at The McCollough Institute for Appearance and Health, we take great pride in our work and especially our patients' appreciation for all we achieve for them. Ever-sensitive to patient needs, dental services are never offered just to meet profit goals. We offer only dentistry that is appropriate and necessary. Professional fees are fair and based on Dr. Bell's experience/expertise, complexity of the dental challenge, as well as the time and supplies required to maintain excellent standards.


With no third-party payer to appease, our single unified focus is always and only limited to the needs and goals of the patients we are privileged to help. In multiple ways we assist patients so that expense does not prevent them from enjoying the quality care they need and the outstanding results they deserve.


“Quality is never an accident; it is always the result of high intention, sincere effort, intelligent direction and skillful execution; it represents the wise choice of many alternatives.”  Anonymous

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