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"Beauty is power; a smile is its sword."

- John Ray (1627-1705)

Because General Dentistry encompasses too broad a spectrum to fully address in this outline, a cursory review of some of the characteristics limited to Cosmetic Dentistry is provided instead. Fortunately, the American Dental Association (ADA) provides an easily-accessible, superb resource for factual, comprehensive and reader-friendly oral health-care information: ada.org.


There exists a fundamental difference between the practice of General Dentistry and that of Cosmetic Dentistry. The General Dentist is empowered to diagnose, then restore dentition to functionality as defined by state-imposed standards; whereas the Cosmetic Dentist expands upon function to actually engender beauty as dictated by the patient/client. For example, although the bright-white (and currently popular) teeth of a 20-year-old are technically attainable for a 60-year-old client, the prudent Cosmetic Dentist may advise the more subdued smile of mature sophistication as the preferred outcome--yet must adhere to the client's subjective interpretation of beauty, rather than the professional (more objective) determination--a pivotal distinction. Therefore meticulous attention to client preferences and expectations, in conjunction with careful communication of cosmetic dental realities are imperative for the successful Cosmetic Dentist--and so must far exceed the more casual analysis of patient reporting about pain, decay, infection or other such complaints to the General Dentist.


Currently there are many flashy marketing campaigns assuring facile solutions to complex cosmetic dental problems. Cheap alternatives to quality care always disappoint and even create new and more serious complications. This is the reason a skilled Cosmetic Dentist's aesthetic judgment is critical to the overall enhancement of beauty. Ergo, an elongated face benefits from appropriately wider teeth in order for the face to appear more pleasingly oval. Moreover, bold incisors naturally draw attention to centrally located, attractive features such as prominent eyes or lips. These are just two of the myriad possibilities presented by the human face--and serve to explain why the pursuit of educational excellence is never finished for the dedicated Cosmetic Dentist.


Furthermore, strictly interpreted, common aesthetic materials may be applied to almost every restorative dental case. However, because teeth transmit and reflect light, tooth color is extraordinarily complex. Multiple colors exist within each tooth, as well as variations in the depth of each individual color. The ability to replicate such color is the life and soul of the art and science that is Cosmetic Dentistry. The demands of achieving successful translucency and opacity (complex iridescence) require artistic ability, engineering expertise, and unrelenting perfectionism--ideally compounded by many years of experience. Additionally, the effects of tooth contours upon color perception factor into the artful fabrication of a truly radiant smile--thereby rendering highly unlikely the assurances of discount veneers, crowns and bridges. Uniform, over-sized, carelessly whitened, monochromatic and therefore obviously fabricated teeth are actually antagonistic to the attainment of natural beauty.


Finally, restored teeth should be aesthetically appealing while facilitating complex chewing motions in multiple directions, in addition to vital communications for the body. The human oral cavity is an intricate structure comprised of 28 teeth as well as 4 wisdom teeth. There are 2 complicated temporomandibular joints controlling parameters of motions and functions of speech. To effect a harmonious bite, precise measurements must be taken of the slopes and inclinations, including the spaces between same in various planes of motion. In all probability, a bargain fee purchases a product from a discount dental lab ill-equipped to take the time and care necessary to ensure cosmetic clients are well served.


Throughout 30 years of distinguished military service, Dr. Bell benefited from essentially unlimited professional educational resources. He has mastered then taught all aspects of Advanced-General Dentistry among the most proficient medical and dental military officers; yet his preferred area of expertise is in the challenging field of Cosmetic Dentistry. Dr. Bell has almost 40 years of dental experience, and expansive Cosmetic Dentistry expertise. He provides sound, conservative treatments based upon proven principles, thereby assuring a superior level of competence that maximizes benefits for his patients. Dr. Bell and his team are unified by a common goal: the enrichment of patients' lives.

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